Cycling in Tuscany
Personalized planning: Discover the wine country in Tuscany, the quiet byways of the Netherlands, the antiquities of Rome, Pompeii and Herculaneum, the cultural treasures of Florence or Venice, the artistic life of Paris or Barcelona, the artisan life that brings each place vibrantly alive. Read more
A gondola ride through Venice canals
Private Personalized Daily Excursions: Maximize your limited time in a city or port with a tour arranged just for you that unveils the essence of the place, bringing its history and cultural life alive, revealing its unique charms. We will animate your day trip, making each stop uniquely memorable. Read more
Glorious fall colors in Vermont
Consulting Services: If your trip is already booked and you would like to enrich what you have planned, we will consult with you to provide suggestions and schedules for day trips, private guided tours, cultural information for the location, restaurants, and markets... Read more