About Us

In Italy the cornucopia symbolizes the profusion of experience, the bountifulness of the territory, the richness of the history, the exuberance of the people and the luxuriance of choices with which to enrich our travels. In New England the cornucopia is an iconic representation of the harvest, of giving thanks and of friends and family gathering together, happily sharing and enjoying delicious food. Greek mythology amplifies the association of the cornucopia to include prosperity and spiritual abundance. It is a rich and powerful symbol from which bountiful opportunities and magical journeys flow.

Roman arena in Verona

Barbara T. Freedman

President & Manager, U.S. Operations

The travel bug bit me early. My very first trip was by train to New Orleans where I tasted my first oyster on the half shell. Evidently I loved the train – and the oyster – because I said "more!" to my father. I was 18 months old. And it was just the beginning. I have lived in Georgia, Jamaica, Grand Cayman, Boston, New York and New England and traveled to more than 20 countries. I have been arranging journeys for myself, my family, my friends and my co-workers for years. I have embraced the process enthusiastically as my avocation. Each time someone suggested that I do this professionally I smiled and thought, "maybe someday." Now my avocation has become my vocation and I'm good at it!! Researching and finding the perfect weekend getaway spot, the ideal 10th anniversary location, the best restaurant in the tiniest of towns – its all a rich and wonderful puzzle. Organizing the pieces to come together beautifully and seamlessly for sophisticated travelers is my dream job and my greatest satisfaction.

Favorite travel memory:
One of the memories that feeds my love of travel is the night my husband and I saw Zeffirelli's AIDA in the 2,000 year old Roman Arena in Verona – on the night that Italy won the World Cup soccer championship! Their victory came about 30 seconds after the end of the second act. The crowd was on its feet applauding the triumphal march of the warriors through the Grand Gate of Thebes, the cast was taking their bows, and all of a sudden the piazza surrounding the Arena exploded in the most amazing cacophony of horns honking, fireworks blazing and people shouting "Viva l'Italia"!!! The entire cast, crew, orchestra and extras swarmed onto the stage, climbed the center pyramid and hoisted a tremendous Italian flag while the orchestra played the Italian national anthem. There was a full moon rising behind the set. It is a moment neither of us will ever, ever forget!

Celebrating Carnival in Viareggio

Anne F. Zimmerman

Manager, European Operations

I ran away from the hectic life of New York City and the theater at the age of 42 and found myself in a 10th century stone house on a mountaintop in Tuscany with a breathtaking panoramic view and no electricity, no running water and no easily passable road. It transformed my life. For the first time in years I took the time to take in and appreciate my surroundings, to listen, to reflect, to eat a meal at leisure and to enjoy the company and the conversation (usually political) in a magic place surrounded by the hills of Mugello. I fell in love with Italy not visiting the art and the churches and the cities – although they, too, are special in their context – but by living the life. I want to share that experience with others, to open their eyes, their minds and their hearts to a different way of life, not only in Tuscany but wherever their hearts lead them to explore.

A real appreciation for performance:
My years in the theater have given me a real appreciation for performance. It's in the details. And planning the details, bringing them together to create a unique performance, is a journey in and of itself, combining inspiration, knowledge, timing and serendipity. The reward is a standing ovation at the final curtain. When a client's memories of his journey are his most precious souvenirs, that's my standing ovation and my motivation for the creation of the next performance.