"You two are seriously amazing!...Thank you so much for all your planning and help with our trip. IT WAS ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL. The hotels you selected were wonderful…. The service and accommodations were top notch. We loved Sicily!"

Fran & Michael, New York, NY 8/29/17

"We loved the hotel in Naples and the beautiful old time hotel in Ravello....We are so glad you sent us to Herculaneum; it was fascinating....Our guide was personable and extremely knowledgeable. Thanks for your help in planning this trip and your attention to detail. We hope that we can go on another trip that you can help us plan!"

Jill & Tomer - Brooklyn, NY 7/27/2017

"Your website is one of the best I've seen; easy to navigate, beautiful pictures and useful information."

Sue - Manchester, VT 7/14/17

"We are so happy we asked to use Cornucopia for this trip! You must know how your service greatly relieves the stress of planning for those of us that do international travel infrequently"

Don & Michael - Portland, OR 6/2/2017

"So happy you could help us make our 40th wedding anniversary so special! It will be a wonderful trip because of your help!"

Sandra & Andy - New York, NY 5/1/2017

"What a spectacular trip we have had. Everything surpassed our expectations... The landscape, the food, the history, and the absolutely flawless gorgeous weather. "

Susie & Gil - Lincoln, MA 4/13/2017

"[Trip Planning] Extraordinarily thorough and helpful. I've never seen such a comprehensive list of options"

Jim - Gloucester, MA 12/18/16

"The memories of being in Tuscany this past October will last a lifetime"

Michele - Saxton's River, VT 11/20/16

"Every day's trip was a happy occasion, in no small part due to the guides and the drivers"

Troy & Pat - Wellesley, MA 10/20/2016

"I really hope to come back here again. I will highly recommend Cornucopia Journeys. You were all terrific and made this vacation top notch."

Candace & David - Malden, Massachusetts 10/16/16

"What an extraordinary thing it is that Cornucopia Journeys and I created for my son and me, a true Grand Tour as used to be done with young people his age. He is having the broadest and richest introduction possible to current and historical European culture, the basis for so much life in the U.S. as well. This has been a shared experience we will both remember for the rest of our lives. Thank you for your support in envisioning and implementing this complex journey."

Margaret - Saxton's River, Vermont 9/30/16

"Bellissimo! Vieri is a doll and made certain that we had a true Tuscan experience.....We're ready to move to Italy!"

Jan & Randy - Bakersfield, California 4/6/16

"You and your team have done a fantastic job putting these options together."

Amy & Adam - Northampton, Massachusetts 11/15/15

"Florence plans were perfect!"

Ann - Larkspur, California 10/30/15

"Thank you for this wonderful trip! We enjoyed every moment! I already miss Italy!"

Jo-Anneß - Montreal, Canada 10/25/15

"[Trip Planning] could not have been better!...We had a wonderful time!"

Alice & Forrest - Portola Valley, California 10/20/15

"Overall it was an outstanding experience. We could not have found these wonderful, charming places on our own".

Lois & Allan - Meriden, Connecticut 7/25/15

"Your planning and support made it relaxing, nourishing, and more wonderful than we dared expect - thank you!"

Bruce & Toni - Owings Mills, Maryland 6/4/15

"This has been the most perfect week anyone could have ever imagined!"

Hal - Columbus, Georgia 9/6/14

“It is a joy working with someone who is crystal-clear about everything.”

Betsy – Harrisville, New Hampshire 6/17/14

"All the traveler has to do is show up. That is what I appreciated about your service. You knew where to go and you took care of the stressful part.”

Kim & Cynthia – Brussels, Belgium 2/27/14

“Thanks very much for all you have done and for the help of [Angela and Gloria] our guides in Florence and Rome. Both were great!”

Ana Elida – Panama City, Panama 11/6/13

“Our tour of Florence was the highlight of the trip. We were awed not only by the guide’s depth of knowledge of the city, but by the way she managed to weave things together so the whole experience came together as a story. Overall just a spectacular experience.”

Carol – Redondo Beach, California 10/1/13

“Kudos for approximating costs so accurately ahead of time! You did a first-class job of organizing everything and be assured we appreciated all you did to make our trip a wonderfully satisfying experience!”

Meg & Jim – Brattleboro, Vermont 6/9/13

“Wonderful planning!! We’d do this again anytime!”

Joan & Eric – Vernon, Connecticut 5/27/13

“I have been on professionally hosted trips before, but have never received such thorough pre-planning. The information not only whetted the appetite, but certainly enhanced the experience. We would highly recommend Cornucopia Journeys to our friends with no hesitation. What a treat not to have to think!”

Don & Mary – Phoenix, Arizona 5/13/13

“It was just amazing to go away and know that everything was in place, all details were in hand and you were there to help if needed. That was a huge gift to have.”

Sally – London, England, May 2013