Cornucopia Journeys helps you plan your in-country journey to wherever your heart leads you. We specialize in European destinations and in New England, but we are ready to lead you anywhere, limited only by your imagination.

If you have always wanted to see olive oil being pressed and grapes being harvested in Tuscany, or swim in the hot waters of Palea Kameni on Santorini, cruise the Mediterranean or explore the canals and flower markets of the Netherlands, we are eager to help you realize your dream. Working with you from the very beginning to define your journey, or private day trips and guided tours, we offer you the freedom to explore and discover new cultures, sights, sounds, tastes and textures. Or if your trip is already planned, we can enhance your itinerary. In creating a journey especially for you, we collaborate with a reliable network of local professionals dedicated to providing quality service and a memorable experience designed to realize your heart's desires.

The journey of your dreams awaits you!

Here are the tailored services we offer.

Cycling in Tuscany Cycling in Tuscany

Personalized Planning

We will enrich your experience in your chosen destination, uncovering its hidden delights, revealing it in the context of its history and culture, even while nestled in the trappings of modern day life.

The way into the heart of your chosen destination is through an understanding of the place in its unique context, from its history to its cultural heritage to the development through the ages of its home and crafts life. This discovery wends its way not only through guided tours of historical and cultural sites, but also through: Visits to craftsmen’s studios to see how that art has impacted everyday life; Workshops that give you hands-on experience of those crafts; Tasting of the culinary traditions of the area, not only through eating and enjoying in the area’s best restaurants but also through hands-on preparing of traditional dishes and in-family dining that reveals even more about the culture you have chosen to explore. Know your destination as it has been and is lived every day!

A specially designed wine tour of Tuscany will give you a new appreciation of the passion that goes into its production as you sip your preferred vintage and gain an understanding of the ritual of production that goes way beyond your image of stamping on grapes.

A private olive oil tasting, including an explanation of the process from cultivating to planting to pruning to harvesting and pressing, will not only illuminate your appreciation of extra virgin olive oil and inform your future choices for your table and cooking but will also give you a feel for a way of life that has been central to the life of southern Europe through the ages.

A look into the production of knives in medieval times when knives were key to everyday existence will give you new insight into a tool you use every day and an appreciation of how its production informed the life of the times and how that art has evolved over the centuries.

A personal demonstration of the art of leatherworking and a look at the tradition from which it springs will give you a deeper appreciation for the artisan’s work and life and the product that results.

A guided tour of New England in the fall when brilliant colors illuminate the countryside, showing off the majesty of nature at her absolute best, is an experience of a lifetime. Driving up from Boston through Massachusetts and into and through Vermont at the beginning of October will enthrall your senses not only for the spectacular fall colors but also for the many places to visit, sights to see and flavors to savor, deepening your understanding of the independent Vermonter who lives close to nature and understands the value of his land, the environment and the agrarian heritage of the region.

Enter into the life and times of your chosen destination and create a memorable journey to satisfy your heart’s desires!

A gondola ride through Venice canals A gondola ride through Venice canals

Private Customized Daily Excursions

What’s the best way to know a place when you have only a day to explore and take away memories of a lifetime? Do you want to understand its history? Are you more interested in its artistic life? Or its culinary traditions? Or is the countryside what most interests you? Many destinations have so much to offer. Our collaborators are dedicated to showing you what is unique about their location and to giving you a day that will sparkle in your memory.

A stop in Greece on your Mediterranean cruise gives you the opportunity not only to appreciate the ancient sites but also immerse yourself in the culinary tradition of the country with a three hour hands-on workshop, from 9 a.m. to noon or from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.

A day or two to explore Venice will be enhanced by a guided tour of its hidden byways, avoiding the crowds and seeing what makes Venice so incredibly special.

A stop in Livorno gives you the wonderful opportunity to explore the Cinque Terre, seeing one of the most picturesque areas of Italy and giving you a day you will remember for a lifetime. Guided trips begin at 8 a.m. and end at 6 p.m. Or you can visit nearby Lucca, a walled medieval city, or see the famous tower in Pisa, or visit the fascinating city of Florence, also a full day, from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

A stop in Civitavecchia is the doorway to Rome. Visit Ostia Antica or the city proper to enter into the world of ancient Rome. Mornings or afternoons, 3 hours each tour.

A stop in Naples offers myriad choices for your limited time. Choose to explore the culture of Naples, the Amalfi Coast, or the famous ruins of Pompeii and Herculaneum.

A tailored itinerary and personalized guided tours will make your journey’s memories unique and vibrant!

On the beach in Liguria On the beach in Liguria

Consulting Services

If your trip is already booked and you would like to enrich what you have planned, we will consult with you to provide suggestions and schedules for day trips, private guided tours, cultural information for the location, restaurants, and markets, expanding your experience and enhancing your journey, acting as your concierge and referring you to the best the area has to offer.

Are you staying on the Riviera? If you are near Saint-Paul de Vence, you should not miss visiting the Fondation Maeght. Are you staying in Tuscany? Have you planned a visit to the Tuscan hilltop towns? Or, if you are here in November, would you like to participate in the olive harvest? Are you vacationing in Venice? The quiet back streets and piazzas of Dorsoduro are extraordinary and help you see the authentic Venetian way of life.

Enhance your already planned journey to make it even more memorable!

How We Work

Our understanding of your travel hopes and dreams is the key to our planning the perfect in-country journey for you.

We will work with you to articulate your desires and create a journey, including a target travel period, budget, and a schedule of day excursions if desired. In order to execute more detailed planning, we will ask you to sign a contract and give us a deposit or, alternatively, a consulting fee that will be deductible from the eventual amount due for services booked.

We then provide you with a Program Proposal, containing the elements of the journey or day trip for your feedback. Once you sign off on the designed trip and remit the amount due, we will secure the bookings and reservations for your personalized journey or excursion. The balance of the total program price, if any, is due 90 days prior to departure.

A world of intriguing cultures and tantalizing sights, sounds, and tastes awaits you!